Are we the only ones who feel like wedding season — also known as the long, money-draining months of taking planes, trains, and automobiles around the world to see some of our closest friends and family tie the knot — lasts all year long? Now, we’re not necessarily complaining; we know it’s a privilege to bear witness to love. But let’s not beat around the bush. While wedding season might be fun, it is not cheap — especially when it comes to buying outfits for multiple events.

Luckily, H&M is bursting at the seams with everything from actual wedding dresses to bridesmaid gowns, guest outfits, and even accessories. And of course, being H&M, it’s all happily affordable. The best part of the range, though, is that there’s a wedding dress with a strong resemblance to the one Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William — for under $300.

Click through to see our favorites from the collection, and get excited: Wedding season just became way more affordable.

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