This might be the last weekend for 29Rooms Los Angeles (say it isn’t so!), and yes, the event might be sold out, but lucky for you, there’s still a way to walk away with some of its magic.

To celebrate the launch of 29Rooms on the West Coast, we decided to release a line of exclusive Refinery29 merchandise, from trendy berets and dad hats to chic bomber jackets. Bonus: We’re donating a portion of proceeds to help women and girls succeed with the organization Step Up. This way, you can snag a “Turn It Into Art” tee, a tote bag, or hoodie — and let the excitment live all year long. Nothing says “I was there” more than some epic gift shop swag, after all.

Of course, it wouldn’t be truly Refinery29 if we didn’t show you how we created our merchandise. So we sent our video team out to capture how our 29Rooms screen-printed goodies were made. In this special behind-the-scenes episode of How Stuff IS Made, we go inside a screen-printing factory to document the life of a 29Rooms sweatshirt. Not only is the process super cool, it’s strangely hypnotizing, with a multi-legged screen-printing machine that can print up to 400 shirts an hour. Andy Warhol was definitely onto something.

Watch the video above to see how our 29Rooms sweatshirts are made, from logo creation to sweater stamping — then check out the merch right here before it all sells out. Our picks? This dreamy hat and this versatile bandana. And if you’re missing out on the action, you can check out all the rooms on Instagram right here.

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Want a trip down memory lane? Check out last year’s 29Rooms and explore the space with Lucie Fink below. We’re still daydreaming about that panda-themed ball pit.

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