J.Crew has had its fair share of shake-ups over the past couple of years. But, despite who may or may not be at its helm, we trust there will always be something to take away from the retailer when it comes to unconventional styling tips and tricks. Wearing a dress as a top? Oh yes. Layering oxford shirts under literally everything? You bet.

Its inventive outfit ideas are one of the primary reasons we all fell in love with J.Crew in the first place — and even today, a quick click through a few pages of its ‘New Arrivals’ section leaves us with a wealth of new ways to get dressed. Especially in peak layering season, it’s time to take notes on how the retailer is styling its winter goods. All we can say is: Forget the idea of ever leaving the house in just a sweater and a jacket. Because if you really want to slay winter, there’s a lot more to it. Ahead, J.Crew is teaching us exactly how to do it in style.

Stock up on white turtlenecks.
They’re that perfect added layer.

J.Crew, $178, available at J.Crew

Go monochromatic with your winter accessories.
Pick a hue and stick to it.

J.Crew, $39.5, available at J.Crew

Transform something sleeveless.
It’s amazing what a button-up shirt can do.

J.Crew, $118, available at J.Crew

Skip the hemming.
Let your trousers drag a bit for an effortlessly-cool vibe.

J.Crew, $98, available at J.Crew

Go collegiate.
Plaid pants, private-school loafers, and letterman lettering are all fair game.

J.Crew, $69.5, available at J.Crew

Tartan on tartan.
It’s the only time of year when this can actually work, so might as well run with it, right?

J.Crew, $78, available at J.Crew

Layer a turtleneck under a half-zip.
Comfy and stylish for everything from a plane ride to a road trip.

J.Crew, $118, available at J.Crew

Colorblocking is still a thing.
The weirder the combination, the better.

J.Crew, $168, available at J.Crew

Go oversized with your chambray.
It gives a prim-and-proper outfit a bit more of an edge.

J.Crew, $110, available at J.Crew

Find your waist.
Shape-up a sweater dress with a good-old jacket-around-the-waist.

J.Crew, $98, available at J.Crew

The half-tuck is your friend.
Especially when styling a frilly skirt.

J.Crew, $115.99, available at J.Crew

Layer up on stripes.
It works every time.

J.Crew, $59.5, available at J.Crew

Balance out a blazer with a graphic tee.
It’s all about the high-low.

J.Crew, $36.5, available at J.Crew

Button it all the way up.
Wear your cardigan as a tops for a sleek, classic look.

J.Crew, $98, available at J.Crew

Consider a tee and a tulle skirt for your next holiday party.
This pairing is so much fun, everyone should try it at least once.

J.Crew, $138, available at J.Crew

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