Following Sam Friedman’s “FANTASY” exhibition, WOAW gallery in Hong Kong is now presenting new works by international artists as part of a group presentation titled “Universes 3.” Curated by Sasha Bogojev, the show features a diverse selection of paintings that incorporate various styles, techniques and subject matter. Participating artists in the show include Paul Insect, Timothy Curtis, Marisa Adesman, Katelyn Ledford, Young Lim Lee, Hiejin Yoo and much more.

“The common denominator of the works featured in Universes 3 is the existence of different settings and beings or the unusual ways of seeing our everyday life. The often imaginary matter and space depicted in such visuals are sharing many qualities with the world we know, yet are placed within an unknown volume with different dynamics and rules of physics. Regularly inhabited by unique, peculiar, and recurring characters, these visuals are providing both the artist and the viewer with a much-needed getaway from the restraints and pressuring effects of current-day reality,” said Bogojev in a statement.

Highlighted works include a painting by Insect that, at first glance, appears to be a mixed-media collage, but is actually an acrylic on canvas work that depicts his colorful geometric abstractions merged with portraiture gleaned from pop culture ephemera. Another piece is an oil on canvas composition by Adesman titled Bending Space and Time 2020 that depicts a mysterious figure protruding from a dark landscape as it claws its way out of another dimension protected by prongs of a surrealist-looking fork.

Check out the installation views for “Universes 3” above and then head to WOAW’s website for more information. The exhibition is on view until December 25.

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5 Sun St
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

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