A few weeks ago, Jaden Smith released a new mixtape titled The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. Since then, he has supported the project with videos for mixtape cuts like “Plastic.” Now, taking attention away from his latest mixtape, Jaden Smith sets his sights on October’s “Goku” single for another new music video.

A self-directed vignette, the “Goku” video takes viewers to Japan, transforming its creator into a superhero as he spits the song’s fast-moving flows.

“She just want happy, happy, happy, happy endings / Girl just stop pretending and that’s new beginnings,” Jaden Smith spits on the OmArr- and Lexoskeleton-produced record. “MSFTS music with a new lieutenant, way too moist / Just hit you with that stupid vision / Man, I’m balling jokers and my soup is finished / Bout to sip it, sip it, sip it, syrup / Need to quit the sipping syrup, before you in the dirt / Remember that’s why they said they got a day for Yams.”

You can check out Jaden Smith’s new video for “Goku” above.

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