Jayda G has released her latest EP, Both Of Us / Are U Down.

The followup to her 2019 debut album Significant Changes, the Canadian DJ’s latest project continues to take inspiration from her interests and surroundings, resulting in a dichotomy of old and new. While Both Of Us is billed as an upbeat throwback that draws on her love of classic, uplifting house, Are U Down contrasts that lookback with a new, slightly grittier and more somber side influenced by her immersion into UK dance music culture.

The EP was born from a meeting with BRIT Award winner Fred again…, and the two quickly formed a friendship and professional relationship. “It’s a nice switch up to have a different energy,” Jayda said in a statement. “I’d been missing that after the album, which was mostly just me, with Allie (Alexa Dash) on some of the vocals. Working with Fred was great, because I can just be my dorky self and not be judged.”

Stream Jayda G’s Both Of Us / Are U Down on Spotify and Apple Music.

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