Puzzle producers JIGGY have spent the last month issuing Originals, a new series of 500-piece jigsaws that feature hand-drawn and painted work from artists and celebrities across the globe, with an emphasis on based in New York-based creators. Past works from the likes of Rebecca Minkoff, Sophia Bush, Cathy Kelley and Amber Vittoria has been auctioned off to fans, with the final hammer price going exclusively to the artists — essential funds necessary to keep working artists afloat in a time of crisis.

The latest round of JIGGY Originals includes a variety of artists based in and around the Manhattan area, including Futura, Mike Perry, Mel Reese and Eric Inkala, to name a few. Each artist’s contribution is a one-off piece of art that also functions as a usable puzzle, lending double duty to the customized 500-piece puzzles. The diverse spread includes Futura’s signature splashy graffiti-rooted design to Taylor Victoria’s playful tea cups to Reese’s illustrative renderings of plant life.

Peruse the available auctions on Jiggy Puzzles’ web store. As mentioned earlier, proceeds benefit the working artists, except for Futura’s sale, which will directly benefit the Artist Relief Fund and NYC Covid-19 Emergency Relief.

Meanwhile, we’ve recently seen special edition puzzles from the likes of the Andy Warhol Foundation and Heinz Ketchup.

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To celebrate our first month of JIGGY Originals and give back to the city we call home, we asked some of our favorite New York artists to celebrate with an Original of their own. Legendary NYC graffiti artist Futura @futuradosmil created this masterpiece of a puzzle that we are having a very hard time not framing and putting on our wall right now. It’s up for auction with proceeds supporting NYC emergency relief fund. Link in bio Futura launched his decades-long career in graffiti art alongside New York’s original street art vanguard in the 1970s. He transitioned from subway graffiti to exhibiting at Fun Gallery in the 1980s alongside major artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, and Richard Hambleton. Today, Futura's work can be found in the collections of the Museo de Arte Moderna di Bologna, the Musée de Vire in France, and the Museum of the City of New York. In recent years, Futura has collaborated with brands and streetwear designers to bring his iconic work to the fashion industry, including with Comme des Garçons, Converse, Off-White and BMW.

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