Jim Hodges is a New York-based installation artist who is best known for his mixed-media sculptures and collages that incorporate artificial flowers, mirrors, chains, and torn-up jeans. The artist recently unveiled a new permanent installation in New York City’s historic Grand Central Terminal. Entitled I dreamed a world and called it Love (2020), the sprawling public work is comprised of over 5,000 individually cut pieces of glass that the artist layered to create a swirling camouflage of over 70 various colors.

I dreamed a world and called it Love is intended as an offering to honor all citizens, neighbors, and visitors who pass through the space,” the artist said in a statement. “My desire was to rise to the occasion of the historic context of Grand Central Terminal and celebrate the people who give New York its identity for many years to come.”

The work is located in Grand Central Terminal’s landing and mezzanine levels of stairs that connect the terminal to the subway station. The artist was inspired by the themes of immersion and movement, evoking the busy, diverse horde of commuters who pass the halls of the iconic station.

“The site, a bustling corridor in the heart of New York City, prompted a gesture that might provide a momentary illumination, a split second of image and color that frames the moment in time between places,” said Hodges.

Get a closer look at the permanent installation above. Elsewhere in art, a ceramic bust in Oakland honoring Breonna Taylor was recently vandalized and then stolen.

Grand Central Terminal
89 E 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017

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