Back in April, Los Angeles-based artist Jun Cha released a special edition print titled PROTECTOR to support frontline providers combating COVID-19 in Skid Row. The interdisciplinary artist returns with a new sculpture edition of the same name that forged using highly polished bronze.

Standing 16 inches tall and weighing 33 pounds, the work arrives in a limited batch of 12 angel sculptures. Each one is inscribed with a unique insignia coin and encased in a bespoke wooden box with gold detailing. “In homage to Leonardo da Vinci, the design proportions reflect the geometry of a solar eclipse and the analemma physics of the Sun. Ancient blueprints of different holy temples are integrated into one monolithic structure, and encoded with alchemical hieroglyphs illuminated in gold,” said Jun Cha.

Get a closer look at the PROTECTOR sculpture edition above and reserve one now on Jun Cha’s website for $8,000 USD. The work will be available for purchase starting December 25 at 12 p.m. PST.

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