As KAWS continues his WHAT PARTY projects in the name of public good, he follows Hong Kong’s WHAT PARTY installation with a special public sculpture located in his home city. New York’s Seagram Building now hosts its own 20-foot-tall bronze rendering of the artist’s puffy CHUM character, juxtaposed against Ludwig Mies van der Rohe crisp architecture.

The immense figure is a reflection of the times. Whereas CHUM originally stood tall or ran , the new iterations respond to today’s political and social turmoil with despondent slouching. These WHAT PARTY iterations have slumped shoulders, low-hanging hands and a posture that suggests a long, drawn-out sigh. As usual, it features KAWS’ signature X-ed-out eyes and skull head atop the ribbed Michelin Man-inspired body.

The WHAT PARTY sculpture will be available to view from today at Seagram’s Park Avenue plaza.

Recently, KAWS introduced a clothbound book dubbed He Eats Alone.

Seagram Building
375 Park Ave
New York, NY 10152

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