Teased alongside its New Years’ messages, Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has now officially launched its new Creamy Croquette Sandwich.

Elevating its classic chicken sandwich, the new limited-edition menu option is centered around luxurious creamy indulgence. The main draw of the first special release from KFC Japanese division is a fried katsu breaded croquette containing tiny sakura ebi shrimp held in rich cream topped with premium lobster sauce. Elevating the croquette is fried chicken fillet and a bed of fresh lettuce.

Priced at ¥490 and ¥790 JPY (approximately $4.70 and $7.90 USD) for a combo meal with small-sized fries and a medium-sized drink, the Creamy Croquette Sandwich is available now at KFC Japan locations for a limited time only.

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