Scientists at The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology have now developed a 100 percent biodegradable mask filter to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Made from polybutylene succinate (PBS), an aliphatic polyester, the sustainable development is also easier to breathe with and withstands humidity making them more resilient and reusable.

The newly developed non-woven PBS filters are made from crisscrossed layers of biodegradable plastic fabric that are only a nanometer wide and a single micrometer thick. The fabric is also coated with chitosan nanowhiskers to create a positively charged material that intercepts 98.3 percent of all viruses and fine dust for each 2.5 micrometers of air, similar to the effectiveness of N95 masks. Tests have also shown that the mask filters fully decompose in around 28 days when subject to composting soil.

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