One may be known for some of the world’s finest cameras while the other is notorious for its playful eyewear, but Leica and Mykita both maintain a keen attention to detail as well — a shared ethos that’s on full display with their new optical range. Following up a collection of sunglasses that released this past spring, the two’s latest offering is a set of four carefully-crafted eyeglass styles, each of which boasts top-quality construction and in-the know embellishments.

Dubbed the ML07, ML08, ML09 and ML10, each of the four pairs is built from high-grade stainless steel. The ML07 and ML08 each feature an aviator-style bar across the top while the ML09 and ML10 opt for a more simple look. All feature rounded frames as well, save for the ML08 which supplies a more sharply-angled look. On each stem arrives the glasses’ signature detail: an etched text hit with technical specs that nods to the graphics found on Leica’s cameras. All four builds come in multiple colors as well, some of which add a dash of Leica red across the top.

The Leica x Mykita optical range is available now at authorized Mykita dealers around the world, a full list of whom can be seen via Mykita’s website. Prices are available upon request.

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