Lil Durk undoubtedly had one of the best bars of Summer 2020 on Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” with, “Bring Drake to the hood, surround Drake around Dracs/ Even though I got a case, I’ma do what it take.” His surprise appearance on one of the biggest records of the year introduced a wave of new fans to his solid discography including the recently released Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 (Deluxe).

Today he returns with a new single and music video for “The Voice” where he proclaims himself, “Chicago’s JAY-Z.” Durk celebrates his city with a number of luxury sports cars and spending some time on a private jet. He waxes about his time spent in quarantine and reminisces on surviving shootouts with police. His melodies are as on-point as ever with just the right amount of autotune filtering his vocals on the refrain. Electric guitar hits in the backdrop for a minimalist but worthwhile intro to whatever project he plans on dropping next.

This is the first single since Durk took to Instagram to continue his beef with 6ix9ine. Lil Durk claims that the controversial rapper’s camp offered to pay him $3 million to continue their public feud in an effort to promote the Tekashi’s upcoming project.

Watch Durk’s new music video “The Voice” above and stream his latest single below. In more music updates, Big Sean dropped off his new album Detroit 2 featuring what could be the most star-studded guest-list of 2020 thus far.

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