Even during self-imposed quarantine, MANUAL continues to innovate in the realm of affordable photography, introducing a reusable alternative to its signature disposable model. Its debut model, “Reusable Camera_001,” is a quietly stylish piece of technology that packs plenty of essential detailing into a price-conscious camera.

The package includes everything needed to instantly lens memorable moments, including the 35mm flash-capable camera itself alongside a wrist strap, two AAA batteries and a voucher for development and scanning of one 35mm film roll. There’s even a two-sided poster printed with playfully simple instructions, underscoring the camera’s point-and-shoot capabilities.

As seen in MANUAL’s test shots, the minute ABS plastic camera is able to snap lush photos in a variety of settings, from overly-lit clubs to a sunny day to a night on the town. Similarly, users can pack it with either color of black and white film to create the ideal shot of their choosing.

Pre-order the new Reusable Camera_001 on MANUAL’s website for $75 USD.

On the other end of the shutterbug spectrum, top-shelf manufacturer Leica recently introduced its 24 megapixel Hybrid SL2-S Camera.

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