McDonald’s Japan teams up with the household candy and cookie brand Fujiya Co., to introduce their new Milky treats menu.

The popular flagship milk candy Milky, featuring the character Peko-Chan, is shelved nationwide around Japan, reading the slogan “Milky wa mama no aji” (“Milky is the taste of Mommy”). The creamy and chewy candy represents the comforting and warm presence of mothers that emanate towards children.

Customers can choose between a “McShake Milky no mama no aji” (“Milky’s Taste of Mommy McShake”) or “Waffle Cone Ichigo no Milky no mama no aji” (“Strawberry Milky’s Taste of Mommy Waffle Cone”) soft serve.

Strawberry Milky’s Taste of Mommy Waffle Cone features a soft serve in a Milky candy flavor, drenched in Milky and Strawberry Milky sauces, sprinkled with crushed strawberry-flavored waffle cone pieces.

The McShake variety will go for ¥120 JPY to ¥140 JPY (approximately $1.10 USD to $1.30 USD) and the waffle cone soft serve is ¥250 JPY (approximately $2.30 USD) starting April 21 until stock lasts.

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