McDonald’s Japan is celebrating Tsukimi (Japanese Mid-Autumn Festival) with a moon-inspired burger, an Egg McMuffin, “Shake” fries, a McFlurry, drinks and a pie.

Leading the celebratory offerings is the “Gold Moon” burger, made with fluffy butter-dipped buns, a beef patty, smoky bacon, a slice of cheddar and tomatoes, finished off with a hearty sunny-side-up egg. In addition, the fast-food giant has also made a “McFlurry Tsukimi,” topped with Warabimochi, a mochi that’s traditionally made from Bracken starch and dipped in kinako, and infused with sweet black honey swirls. Besides shrimp-tempura flavored “shake” fries, a Kyoho ice cream float and a Tsukimi egg McMuffin, another highlight is a Tsukimi pie — warm red bean paste and soft mochi wrapped in a crispy pie shell.

McDonald’s Japan’s Tsukimi offerings will be available on September 29 exclusively in Japan.

In case you missed it, McDonald’s U.S. is prepping spicy chicken McNuggets and a Chips Ahoy! McFlurry.

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