MEANSWHILE has unveiled its latest drop from its Fall/Winter 2020 collection, a hi-tech three-piece lineup dubbed “Functional Suede Series.” This follows the label’s Air Circulation System rain jacket seen at the beginning of last month.

Developed by Japan-based manufacturer Komatsu Matere, each piece in the drop is constructed from special high-spec suede, boasting elasticity and a water-repellent properties while remaining soft to the touch.

Featured is the Suede Popper SH, Suede Split Sleeve turtleneck and mockneck. The former garment is an oversized crewneck, equipped with nuanced hi-tech details, like diagonal quick-release zippers. It comes with a raglan construction, articulated sleeves and subtle waist pockets, topped off with tonal collars and hemline to complete its understated look. The turtleneck, with its raised collars, sports a similar build that includes long zippers along the inner sleeves for added ventilation. To maximize comfort, seams in high-abrasion areas have been flipped inside out. The mockneck, the final piece to the trio, features the same technical design features as the aforementioned turtleneck except without any zippers this time, offering a more minimal alternative to the outdoor-friendly lineup.

MEANSWHILE’s three-piece “Functional Suede Series” is currently available on the label’s website, ranging from $155 – $269 USD.

In case you missed it, check out MEANSWHILE’s expansive FW20 collection of convertible layering pieces.

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