Meghan Markle is currently living inside of a real-life romantic comedy with Prince Harry, and something a little off-script just happened: a tag from her dress…started showing…while she…was in public.

The pregnant royal has been consistently newsworthy since she first was spotted with Harry, but this tiny wardrobe malfunction is easily my favorite “How Is This A Headline ” situation, mostly because it’s her most relatable moment. Knowing that Markle is capable of either forgetting to remove a tag from a dress (why is it so low on the dress? It’s no wonder she didn’t notice it), or is low-key a returnaholic (who among us has not worn something once, knowing full and well it was going to be returned immediately after?), is refreshing information to know.

So while I don’t think that this snafu should necessarily be covered by CNN (?!), I do think we should all use it as a reminder to always remain humble. Even if you’re Markle, carrying the seventh in line to the British throne underneath that red Miss Selfridges dress with the price tag attached.

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