Zurich-based start-up Mictic has created a wearable XR musical instrument using a pair of smartphone-connected wristbands.

The wristbands connect, via Bluetooth Low Energy, with a smartphone-based app, that allows for a variety of instrument sounds to be selected while each wristband, and therefore each arm, is assigned a separate task, such as chord and rhythm hands for electric guitar.

Mictic’s sensors seem to allow for a great deal of accuracy, as demonstrated on its Kickstarter page by Lucerne Symphony Orchestra Cellist, Jonas Vischi.

The app will offer electric and acoustic guitar, drums, cello and violin sounds at launch with Hip Hop, Trap, Latin, Rock and EDM “soundscapes,” while five games will also be included. The Mictic system, which can also be used as a MIDI controller in professional set-ups, will launch on iOS first, with Android compatibly to follow.

While the concept has doubled its Kickstarter funding goal with 16 days remaining, a few earlybird sets are still available priced CHF 89 ($97 USD) with delivery expected in September.

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