Located in the heart of the French Alps, MILLET is a brand built for mountain lovers. For 100 years the label has used its location to innovate and come up with new ways to tackle the often tough conditions, and in the 1970s moved into the world of apparel to take things to the next level. Before long MILLET was being worn by some of the most famed climbers in the world and has remained at the forefront since.

Celebrating its 100 year history and open mind approach to innovation, MILLET introduces its latest collection: “M-100 HERITAGE”. Committed to eco-friendly practices, MILLET has redesigned some of its most recognised and best-selling silhouettes using recycled fabrics and insulation.

Comprising outerwear, sweaters, T-Shirts, accessories and more, each product has been made using 100% organic cotton in a bid to reduce the brand’s environmental footprint.

To go alongside the release and mark its 100th anniversary, MILLET has released a short-film which you can view below. You can view MILLET’s full “M-100 HERITAGE” collection over on the brand’s webstore.

In other news, Taiwanese label oqLiq has launched its technical FW21 weather-themed collection.

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