After Bandai Namco revealed that The Walking Dead‘s Negan would be joining Tekken 7 back in August, a trailer for the character has now been released. The new clip begins with a recreation of the iconic season from the end of season six of The Walking Dead. In this new version, characters from Tekken have replaced the characters in that scene.

After the opening taken from The Walking Dead, the trailer moves on to show combat scenes and gameplay featuring Negan and returning Tekken characters. Negan fights with his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. Take a first look at Negan in action in the trailer above. Currently, there is no official date on when the character will be available, but keep an eye out for more details.

As well as releasing the first trailer for Negan, Bandai Namco recently unveiled new clips for Armor King and Craig Marduk.

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