NEIGHBORHOOD has tapped IMAGE CLUB LIMITED, founded by Keith Morris, frontman of punk band BLACK FLAG, for a concise T-shirt capsule emblazoned with candid portraits of members of N.W.A.

Coming in colorways of black, white and navy, the T-shirts are emblazoned with vintage black and white photos of the rap group, alongside bold “NEIGHBORHOOD” branding. One noteworthy piece is printed with a picture of Eazy-E, seen wearing a cap embroidered with “Compton,” a pair of sunglasses and a baggy denim jacket. “EZE (LA)” and “9.1.90” is lightly etched along the bottom corners of the image, while NEIGHBORHOOD’s logo is placed at the back. Other T-shirts, featuring graphics of group photos and other members like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, round off the concise capsule.

NEIGHBORHOOD and IMAGE CLUB LIMITED’s T-Shirt capsule will be available on August 29 on NEIGHBORHOOD’s website for $75 USD per piece.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at NEIGHBORHOOD’s eclectic FW20 collection.

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