A new dock for the Nintendo Switch from Taiwan-based accessory maker Brook resembles a Nintendo GameCube and features four controller ports.

The SW-Dock “Power-Bay” not only supports four GameCube controllers for the Switch, but also supports any wired USB controller of your choice, like Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller.  The dock also features Bluetooth support and HDMI outputs in order for the system to project on a big screen.

This makes the plug-and-play accessory ideal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans who see the iconic GameCube controls of 2001’s Super Smash Bros. Melee irreplaceable. Recently, a modder created custom GameCube Joy-Cons for the Nintendo‘s portable console complete with a “C-Stick” to perfectly replicate the experience.

The SW-Dock “Power-Bay” is scheduled to release this June for $54.99 USD on Brook’s website.

In related gaming news, Nintendo has launched a customization program for the Switch.

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