A new teaser for Netflix‘s Stranger Things season 4 has dropped, showcasing the return of Chief Hopper (David Harbour) following the end of the previous season. In the footage above, we are taken to a snowy location in Russia where a bald Hop can be seen building a railroad. It would appear Hop is alive, although transported to Russia where it was teased experiments on the Upside-Down have been taking place. It is speculated that they are creating psionic solders similar to Eleven.

Production on Stranger Things 4 is officially underway, as writers and actors have shared several images and cryptic messages alluding to the upcoming season. This teaser is a signal that the full-fledged marketing campaign for season 4 will soon approach. There’s no release date yet for the fourth season of Stranger Things, but with Netflix starting up the marketing campaign already, it likely won’t be long before the show hits the streaming service.

In other entertainment news, Matt Reeves has revealed Robert Pattinson’s new suit for The Batman.

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