Nike is no stranger to creating inspirational campaigns for sports fans all across the globe, telling stories behind the blood, sweat, and tears of professional athletes. Now, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Nike has released a new clip as an extension to the “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign, titled “Never Too Far Down.”

The clip, which you can watch above, is narrated by NBA star LeBron James, and speaks of those who came back from adversity, offering examples such as Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, and James himself. “But it’s when we’re given no chance that we somehow found that last bit of strength to keep fighting. And then we did what no one thought we could, not even ourselves. We came back from the impossible.”

Sharing their thoughts on the power of sports to inspire and unite, James, Wood and Williams also offered their take on the campaign. “Even if basketball looks different for a while, I’m excited about the possibility of getting back in the game, because I know how inspiring and powerful sports can be,” says James. “I think the lessons we learn from sport can inspire us all.”

“Sport can still be a positive force for so many people,” says Woods. “I am looking forward to [the charity match] this weekend and creating a platform to raise money for Covid relief and hopefully remind folks of the levity and joy that golf and other sports can bring to the world.”

“Sport is the one thing that’s true, it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re from. Everything is left out in the arena,” says Williams. “For me, I put it all out there on the court as a player, but it also feels that way as a fan. You feel that joy when someone you’re rooting for wins. That’s because of the unity that sports bring us.”

Elsewhere in sports-related news, the IOC president has said that if the Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled if it isn’t held in 2021.

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