Parra has once again teamed up with Case Studyo to release a limited edition rug called IRONICA. The Dutch artist and sculptor opts for a monochromatic design, portraying a female figure with a subtly abnormal form dominating the entire shaped work. “‘IRONICA’ is seen here showing her softest side, inviting you to take a rest beside her. Let go of your daily stresses and just enjoy the moment,” said Case Studyo in a statement.

The artist is recognized for his pop art and minimalist style across paintings and sculptures that spotlight figures with curving lines and saturated colors. In his more recent works, Parra has interpreted different aspects of contemporary life and domestic spaces. He explored the concept of modern-day superficiality in his “i seriously doubt it” exhibition last November, showcasing pieces that featured scenes of modern domesticity and the fluctuations of emotions associated with it.

Parra and Case Studyo’s IRONICA rug is handtufted and made of 100% wool. The piece measures 160 by 115 centimeters and will arrive in an edition of 100. Expect the to release on Parra’s website on September 2 at noon CET.

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