After hacking Grand Theft Auto to showcase its previous collection, Glasgow-based label PartyChat returns with a new identity and apparel offering entitled: Young Banger.

Born out of a love of dance music, its subcultures and communities, PartyChat fuses its passion for music with its love of graphic design history, semiotics and typography. Paying homage to the automotive industry of the 1980s, this latest collection comprises bold, graphic heavyweight T-shirts that feature custom PartyChat branded air fresheners.

“The ever growing popularity of nostalgic and non-luxury items got us started on Young Banger,” the brand told HYPEBEAST. “The pride of a Royal Mail or Toyota Tecno cap bought off eBay or at a flea market in Japan, the anti-luxury and collectables with genuine stories”.

“On top of that we have a huge love for car manufacturers and identities from the 70s and 80s,” they continued. “We partnered with type designer Axel Pelletanche to give the collection our own bootleg spin and Kia Tasbihgou on our new identity”.

PartyChat’s latest collection is available now from its online webstore, retailing from £30 (approximately $40 USD).

In other news, Supreme and The North Face have reunited for a cold weather-equipped Fall 2020 collection.

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