Not all of Paul Walker‘s beloved BMWs have hit the auction block, it seems. Reserve Auto Group just uncovered a nearly-original 1991 BMW 3 Series M3 owned by the Fast and Furious actor, which has sold for an impressive $150,000 USD.

Various models of M3 E30 generally brings in hovers in price for $30,000 USD to $70,000, USD but particularly desirable models can go for over $100,000 USD, if in good shape with low mileage. This particular car has the added benefit of a famous owner and was actually sold by Walker himself several months before his tragic death in November 2013.

Not only does it retain most of the original hardware and functionality but the car has a mere 13,200 miles on the odometer, which is low considering that it’s nearly 30-years-old and was often driven by Walker himself. The factory paint job and interior are both in excellent shape and though it currently sports 16-inch Evo wheels and BMW OEM Hella European headlights, it comes with the factory wheels and headlights if the owner desires an unaltered look.

View Reserve Auto Group’s website to view the car’s original listing.

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