McDonald’s is once again experiencing the effects of supply and demand, but this time in Japan with its Demon Slayer Happy Meal stickers. Like the frenzy over the recent Pokémon Happy Meal card release in the States, the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba cards are being bought in troves for the purpose of scalping.

McDonald’s had to act fast as they noticed that the stickers were already being sold on auction sites a day before their actual release. This has led to the placement of signs and announcements at physical stores and on the online app informing customers that they “may refuse [customers] to purchase in large quantities” as they need to save stock for children, and for them to “please refrain from reselling the purchased products.”

While we do believe these Happy Meals should go out to its intended audience, the children, this news does once again prove that anime and McDonald’s are a winning combo.

In other fast-food news, Taco Bell has sold out of its NFT tacos.

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