Pete Davidson appeared on Saturday Night Live recently for a parody of Eminem‘s nostalgic hit “Stan,” with the rapper himself making a cameo.

Dubbed “Stu,” the parody arrives two decades after the original song’s release, twisting it into a humorous Christmas-themed anthem. Mirroring the same look as the obsessive fan in “Stan,” with his bleach-blond hair and white tank top, Davidson was seen penning his letter to Santa in a dimly lit basement: “Dear Santa / I can’t believe the year is almost over / it’s getting colder, I’m a year older but I’m still your soldier.” Surrounded by cut-out photos of Father Christmas, Davidson (Stu), pleads, “Dear Santa Claus, please bring me a PS5.” But like in the original song, his requests go unanswered, prompting Stu to follow up with letters that begin to feel hostile, “Dear Mister Holly Jolly Two-Faced Son of a B*tch / I hope you crash your sleigh and wind up face-down in a ditch.” Without any response from Santa, Eminem appears instead, showing off his brand-new PS5 that Stu so desperately wanted.

Scroll above to watch “Stu,” Pete Davidson’s SNL parody of Eminem’s “Stan.”

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