PHIPPS continues the theatrical motif introduced for Spring/Summer 2021, with Fall/Winter 2021 introducing another clever short film overseen by creative director Spencer Phipps. Shot atop Iceland’s Skaftafellsjökull glacier, “ENDURANCE” is playful, yet maintains an air of urgency in relation to the Earth’s rising temperature — a duality mirrored by the collection’s apparel, which also happens to be in the brief video.

So named for the ship led across the Antarctic by Sir Ernest Shackleton, PHIPPS’ latest is an exploration of upcycled textiles and gently tweaked menswear. Recycled cashmere, regenerated Econyl nylon and treated Italian wools advance the stoic fabrics of yesteryear, a thoughtful update that coincides with the apparel design.

From turn-of-the-century underwear and boxy overcoats to “SAVE THE F*CKING WHALES” sweaters and functional athleisure, the garments address touchstones from different eras of style. Thematic prints (“ON THIN ICE” and “RED SKIES AT NIGHT”) underscore the ocean influence, as a mostly neutral color palette gives way to bright flashes of red that emphasize the theme’s urgent nature.

To coincide with the collection’s premiere, PHIPPS has partnered with NGO Oceanic Global to raise money in a fundraising effort aimed at combatting the planet’s melting ice.

Other eco-conscious clothing collections were also introduced for Fall/Winter 2021, including the latest from Reese Cooper, EDEN power corp and Eye/LOEWE/Nature.

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