Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin are Fly Siifu. The duo is set to release their new project on November 13 via Lex Records and return today with their second single “Richard Pryor.” The new offering features production from Playa Haze with soulful vocal samples and a short yet sweet jazz instrumentation looped throughout. Director Nelson Nance captures the duo in nostalgic film grain, walking through neighborhood parks, each styled in 1970s apparel for the embodiment of smooth.

“Richard Pryor” follows their first collaboration, “Dollar Dr. Dream” where Virginia rapper and Mutant Academy crew member Fly Anakin’s verse stole the show. Fly Siifu will feature production from Madlib, Jay Versace and Ohbliv with artists like Liv.e and $ILKMONEY contributing along the way.

Siifu has been delivering thought-provoking music all year, first with his militant punk record NEGRO and then through a number of guest spots where he returned to waxing poetic on tracks. He joined ShunGu for “Cement”, Armand Hammer for “Bitter Cassava”, Black Noi$e for “Oblivion” and The Avalanches and Rivers Cuomo for “Running Red Lights”. He detailed his need to constantly experiment and switch his style up earlier this year in a conversation with HYPEBEAST.

“When I picked my name, you see Pink Siifu at a festival and you don’t know what to expect from that artist with that name. Because I’ma do everything,” Siifu told HYPEBEAST in our “Polished Chaos: Pink Siifu’s NEGRO Is Unapologetically American” feature. “Because ensley, bro I do not know when I’m gonna make a full rap album where I’m just rapping on every song again. I purposely did that. Those beats are so soulful, I wanted to sing so much on ensley, but I was like, “Nah, I’ve never put out a full rap album where I just rap. I did that for my family. Check that off. What’s next? That’s how I move. It’s gonna go jazz, it’s gonna go soul, it’s gonna go blues. Experimental, psych-rock, funk.”

Watch the visual above and stream “Richard Pryor” below. In more music updates, Slauson Malone premiered his latest project Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak) with a thoughtful open letter.

Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – Fly Siifu Tracklist
1. Kin’Tro (prod. Mejiwahn)
2. Fly Siifu’s Voicemail
3. Suitcase Special (prod. Budgie)
4. Runthafade (prod. Lastnamedavid)
5. Foisey’s Interlude feat. $ILKMONEY (prod. Foisey)
6. Richard Pryor (prod. Playa Haze)
7. Open Up Shop feat. B. Cool-Aid (prod. Ahwlee)
8. Mind Right feat. Liv.e (prod. Jay Versace)
9. Shloww
10. One Hit Moo Skit
11. Rick James (prod. Ohbliv)
12. Black Bitches Matter Hoe
13. Spades’ (prod. Graymatter)
14. 333GET@ME
15. Clean feat. Liv.e (prod. Lastnamedavid)
16. Creme’s Interlude feat Fousheé (prod. Creme)
17. Waiting To Get Shot (prod. Malik Abdul Rahmaan)
18. Time Up (prod. Madlib)
19. Demon Tyme Skit (prod. Mejiwahn)
20. Razberry (prod. Ohbliv)
21. Pick Up TF Phone
22. Dollar Dr. Dream (prod. Animoss)

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