You may know Steven Rinella as an expert hunter and the host of the MeatEater television show and podcast. He’s also an author, and his latest book is The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival. Today on the show, we’ll talk about the subjects behind both of these projects, beginning with how Steve found his way into hunting and conservation advocacy, how he explains and makes the case for hunting to those unfamiliar with it, and the benefits that hunting has brought into his life. We then discuss how the barrier for beginners to get into hunting is perceived as being higher than it really is, and the more accessible way Steve recommends getting started.

From there we turn to the kind of know-how you should possess for undertaking any kind of outdoor pursuit, whether that’s hunting or camping or hiking. Steve shares why he recommends creating an outdoors kit that you can grab for any expedition, and what to pack in it. He then offers suggestions on outdoor clothing and sleeping pads, as well as the pros and cons of carrying one’s water in a Camelbak-style bladder versus a Nalgene bottle, and why he favors the latter. We also get into Steve’s recommendation for a better alternative to GPS and the importance of regular practice for first aid, and all wilderness skills. We end our conversation with Steve’s approach to getting his kids into the outdoors.

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Show Highlights

  • The incredible bond that hunting has forged in Steven’s family 
  • Explaining the value of hunting to non-hunters 
  • The personal value of hunting 
  • Is it true that hunting has a high barrier of entry?
  • Why you should ignore the way the hunting community defines success 
  • The played out “fantasy” aspect of survival content 
  • What to have in your outdoor “go” bag 
  • The lowdown on outdoor clothing 
  • What sort of first aid training/knowledge should people have getting into the outdoors?
  • What can you do to get kids to love the outdoors?

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