How do you form a meaningful connection with another person? Well, it starts with simply opening your mouth. From there, my guest says, you want to progress through a conversation, or perhaps a series of conversations, in a particular sequence of stages that will form an effective on-ramp towards a stronger relationship.

Her name is Judy Apps, she’s a speaking and voice coach and the author of several books on communication, including The Art of Conversation. Today Judy and I discuss that art, beginning with why it’s so important to learn. We then get into the different levels a conversation should progress through in order to build intimacy and smoothly segue into discussing the things that matter most. Judy explains how to bring the kind of energy to a conversation that creates connection, and two exercises you can use to overcome the self-consciousness that can thwart that energy. Along the way, we discuss how conversation is both a game that you can have fun practicing, and a dance that can flow into some of life’s most magical moments.

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Show Highlights

  • Where do most people falter when it comes to conversation?
  • How is conversation like a dance?
  • How should you approach conversation with someone new?
  • Why you need to embrace small talk 
  • Thinking vs feeling in conversation 
  • Progressing through levels of conversation to get deeper and more intimate 
  • Conversational experiments to try out 
  • What should you do when you get anxious before or during a conversation?
  • The benefits of thinking of conversation as a game 
  • How much tone and body language matters when conversing with people 

Resources/Articles/People Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Judy

Judy’s website

Judy on Twitter

How Your Voice Touches Others (Judy’s TED talk)

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