Pokémon is finding new ways to bring its 25th-anniversary celebration to your home with this upcoming release.

This 15-piece collection is comprised of stonewares and kitchen accessories in the form of plates (S-M size), bowls, coffee mugs, a Pikachu pan, teapot, double-wall glass cups, a double-sided cutting board, placemats, coasters, tongs, a metal ladle, a metal turner, and various cutlery.

The main items take on pastel colors mainly in gray and pink. Each item features a playful Pikachu design that signals spring flowers with Pikachu gifting Shaymin some flowers while wearing a wreath. Priced at ¥495 – ¥2,750 JPY (approximately $4.50 – $25 USD), the Pokémon Center will begin selling the collection starting from March 25.

In other design news, BIVVI Camp introduces a towable mini modular A-frame cabin.

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