Pokémon has pledged a total of $200,000 USD worth of donations to the Black Lives Matter and NAACP organizations: $100,000 to the former, and the other half to the latter.

The Pokemon Company recently issued a brief statement on its US twitter account emphasizing that it stands with its Black employees, Black fans and families as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. The same statement also focused on reiterating the company’s core values — “we believe in friendship, inclusivity, and equity… There is no place for oppression within our community.” On a separate note, Pokémon Go developer Niantic is also committed to supporting the cause, pledging all of the proceeds from the upcoming Pokémon GO Fest to Black game makers and non-profit organizations, a minimum amount of $5 million USD.

Most recently, Facebook has promised $10 million USD to “Racial Justice” movements.

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