2020 saw a boom of men wearing pearls, with the likes of POLITE WORLDWIDE being at the forefront of the fine jewelry trend. Now, the sustainable LA-based label has presented its latest timeless collection that stands to transcend trends and become one of the finest possessions in your jewelry box, delivering a dazzling array of necklaces and bracelets for all — even dogs, as far as its lookbook is concerned.

Each POLITE WORLDWIDE piece is made using precious healing gemstones, freshwater pearls, diamond charms, and 14k recycled solid gold hardware. All are hand-crafted in LA and is made-to-order using fine jewelry attributes, which translates into a stunning array of necklaces and bracelets.

Standouts include a delicate necklace that features a slinky 14k gold chain and seven alternate-colored pearls, which also appear on a smaller bracelet with five pearls on it. In addition to these, POLITE WORLDWIDE offers a fully-loaded pearl necklace that’s decorated in a rainbow of colors, as well as new contrasting pieces such as the heart charm bracelet that combines pink pearls with sterling silver beads.

Take a look at POLITE WORLDWIDE’s collection in the lookbook above, and purchase a selection of its goods or request a custom order via its website, where you’ll also find previous jewelry drops, clothing, and its Akila sunglasses collaboration.

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