Amazon Prime Day has fin– okay, let’s just get to it: The return of the site’s annual super-sale is gracing us in October this year (aka Spooky Season), which means it’s time to scour the deals for the best bargains on Halloween attire. Whether you’re on the hunt for a spooky lewk to wear to an upcoming covid-minded costume party or just something to sit in during the awkward Zoom-office function, we’ve gone ahead and scouted out the currently marked-down options worth carting.

There has, arguably, never been a better Halloween to keep a mysterious distance while utilizing the classic sheet-ghost disguise as a face covering — nor do you, necessarily, need to opt for a full-blown costume this year. (We’re envisioning lots of hats, wigs, and jazzy socks covered in Jack Skellington’s mug). The point is: where there is a sale to be had on a giant inflatable alien costume, there is a way. Goblin bless Amazon Prime Day for making it easier than ever with the following Halloween getup deals.

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Velvet Cape

Cozy H-Ween chic is perfectly encapsulated in a long velvet cape, perfect for transforming you into a witch, warlock, fortune teller, and maybe even moonlighting as your Fall bathrobe. It’s 20% off this Prime Day, knocking the price to $15.19.

Fascivonne Velvet Cape, $, available at Amazon

Cow Print Vest

Divinely bovine. Whether you’re the farmer or the cow, cop this vest on Prime Day promo at $15.98 from the original $19.98.

Bbalizko Cow Print Vest, $, available at Amazon

Pencil Socks

Having a lowkey H-Ween in the house? (Of course you are.) Turn your toes into the statement maker, and become a human pencil with these socks, on sale this Prime Day for $8.79 from the original $10.99.

HAPPYPOP Pencil Socks, $, available at Amazon

Wednesday Addams-style Dress

Depending on whether or not you’re Zooey Deschanel, you can honestly dress this up or down for Halloween festivities and everyday occasions alike. Its price is on Prime Day promo at $22.39 from the original $27.99.

Aphratti Long Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Dress, $, available at Amazon

Retro Sunglasses

Is it you, Kurt? Whether you’re paying homage to the beloved Nirvana frontman or looking for a retro accessory, these Mid-Century style shades are for you. Catch ’em on Prime Day promo for $8.78 from the original $13.99

Feisedy Retro Sunglasses, $, available at Amazon

Inflatable Alien

There has been arguably no better year for wondering how much we’d have to pay Elon Musk to rocket off this earth. (TTYL, Grimes.) Get 20% off an inflatable alien costume for the next best feeling.

Stegosaurus Inflatable Alien Costume, $, available at Amazon

Witch Hat Headbands

Perfect for the Zoom call or socially-distanced spooky park picnic with the roomies and co. Grab this set of four jazzy little witch hat headbands, on Prime Day sale at 25% off for a price of $11.99

Crazy Night- 4 Pcs Witch Hat Headband Costume Accessories, $, available at Amazon

Lace-Up Corset Belt

Whether you’re aiming to be a pirate, 18th-century she-king warrior, goth kid, you name it — there are so many reasons to bring this easy, elastic corset into your costume line-up. Its Prime Day price is $9.47, as opposed to the OG $12.99.

LEACOOLKEY Lace-Up Corset Belt, $, available at Amazon

Skeleton Gloves

Spooky AND sanitary! These long skeleton gloves are on Prime Day promo for just $7.19 from the original $11.99.

Timemory Skeleton Gloves, $, available at Amazon

Rhinestone Eye Mask

An impressive amount of sparkle is packed into this rhinestone eye mask. It’s on sale this Prime Day for $11.03 from the original $13.79

OULII Rhinestone Eye Mask, $, available at Amazon

Cowboy Hat

We’re very much here to keep riding the whole Kacey Musgraves, Lil Nas X-inspired wave of Yeehaw energy. Giddy up with 20% off this cowboy hat for Prime Day, for a final price of $15.99.

Simplicity Store Cowboy Hat, $, available at Amazon

Halloween Leggings

When in doubt, go for the holiday’s classic color scheme. It’s a fail-proof way to turn up for the function, while still staying comfortable – and in matters of comfort, can you beat leggings? Grab this checkered orange and black pair at 20% off this Prime Day for a final price of 13.59.

sissycos Halloween Leggings, $, available at Amazon

Flight Attendant Cap

Pair this cap with a button-down shirt and a can of ginger ale — or, whatever it is you drink at altitude. It’s 20% off this Prime Day for a final price of $12.71.

BESTOYARD Flight Attendant Cap, $, available at Amazon

Ombre Wig

If you have yet to die your hair in quarantine, why not give this ombre lob a test run for Halloween, and kill two bats with one stone?

AGPTEK Ombre Wig, $, available at Amazon

Queen Bed Sheets

Told you we’d lobby for the classic sheet ghost. Here’s the plan: grab this set of Queen sized bed sheets for 20% off this Prime Day, then upcycle one of your old top sheets for your costume.

Threadmill Home Linen Threadmill Home Linen 300 Thread Count Queen Bed Sheets, $, available at Amazon

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