As British label maharishi continues its Fall/Winter 2017 theme of celebrating indigenous groups around the world, the brand has released a new capsule looking at the Vietnamese Hill Tribes of the 1960s. In particular, the Maha Hill Tribe collection takes inspiration from Apocalypse Now, with the film cited as popularizing these hill tribes.

The capsule features the organic canyon hemp “Hill Tribe Shirt,” which is based on the embroidered shirt found by Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now, as well as a World Tour Poncho and World Tour Jacket which are produced from vintage military surplus and therefore have a range of unique camouflage prints. These pieces are then finished with an embroidery of the Gall-Peters projection of the map, which has recently been recognized for its increased accuracy. Finishing off the collection are two pairs of cargo pants.

The Maha Hill Tribe capsule is available now from the brand’s web store, with prices ranging from £215 GBP to £565 GBP (approx. $285 USD to $750 USD). This is the latest in a series of releases from the brand, with a reversible Hokkaido jacket and an “Upcycled in London” capsule dropping in recent months.

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