Range Rover may be well known for rugged 4×4’s that can tackle any form of rough terrain, but its latest upgrade is better suited for a more luxurious style of living. The revamped Ranger Rover SVAutobiography comes with all the bells and whistles and will have you cruising the streets in total comfort.

The SVAutobiography is only available in the long-wheelbase version, so that it can harbor a range of features, such as electronically-folding tables, a refrigerator, personal TVs for those sitting in the back, and hot-stone heated seats. Range Rover really has pulled out all the stops for its latest creation, and the SVAutobiography is even available with a supercharged V8 engine, or for those after a more subtle approach, a plug-in hybrid option. Look for the car to become available come early 2018 for around $208,000 USD.

In other automotive news, BMW introduces the drop top i8 Roadster.

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