Located in a creative complex building, reconstructed from a former factory, the RIGI office space boasts high ceilings and various sections. Despite its open office floor plan, a lab area, a meeting room, a material room, and a small show room offer individual functional units with unique characteristics. These rooms foster different forms of creativity, and much like RIGI’s designers, each will create new innovations, but when combined, they make for something unique all together. Founder of RIGI, Kai Liu, is also a designer and has flexed his prowess in some of the interior to make sure things aren’t too conventional. The meeting room, for example, is shaped as pitched roof with chamfered edges, and at the end of the meeting room, a light spread out from the wall is designed by Liu who hopes the blank and minimalist space will encourage communication. Elsewhere, the “LKLAB” is a place where other designers build models and develop products, creating something unknown rather than being dependent on computers. With an area of more than 200 square meters, the office is both cozy and spacious. Enjoy the images above and head to RIGI’s webpage for more on RIGI’s design label.