Following their October 2020 collaboration Ceramic Stool, Rokkaku Ayako and AllRightsReserved have reunited to deliver the Japanese artist’s first-ever teapot set.

Crafted with dark brown boccaro ware, the set is comprised of one teapot, four Yunomi-styled teacups and tea pet sets of The Girl, The Rabbit and Three Brothers. The teapot and teacups are engraved with Rokkaku’s signature floral motif, and each piece is handcrafted with vivid hues of pink, white and orange. The collection serves as a balance between the cultural heritage of tea tasting and the Japanese artist’s own personality, which is reflected on the recurring elements of the manga-styled girls that appear in her work.

Rokkaku Ayako and AllRightsReserved’s Tea Set will be limited to 225 signed and numbered editions. The global raffle is open now on the DDT Store until January 11, with a price of $3,500 USD per set.

Elsewhere in art, Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh launched a new “Missing Poster” campaign in Germany for looted sculptures.

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