With the success of the Mortal Kombat movie, fans are already eager for a sequel. One thing that fans would like to see in the next film (Slight Spoiler Ahead) was brought on by the last scene when our heroes must look for more warriors and the camera zooms in to a Johnny Cage promotional poster. Hinting of a possible Johnny Cage-focused sequel, the Internet was lit up with fans demanding that Ryan Reynolds be the man for the job.

Well, Ryan Reynolds has heard those requests and has somehow managed to kill two birds with one stone in a comedic tweet that promotes Mint Mobile and has him dressed as Johnny Cage in full arcade graphics. While this does not indicate he has taken an interest in playing the Mortal Kombat character, it does show that he has been listening and gives fans something to hold on to.

In other entertainment news, Amazon unveils an explosive teaser trailer for Chris Pratt’s new film The Tomorrow War.

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