Sailor Moon will receive its first theatrical release in Japan for the first time in 25 years with the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal film. Releasing next year as a replacement for the fourth anime season of Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Moon Eternal will serve as an adaptation of the series upcoming Dead Moon arc from creator Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga series. The second part of the arc will also be adapted into a film slated to release at another date.

Sailor Moon Eternal will also see the return of Kazuko Tadano, the original character designer for the 1990s anime series. All returning voice actors from the current anime, including Kotono Mitsuishi as Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) will be present. New actors like Nanao as Queen Nehellenia will be showcased as well.

Sailor Moon Eternal will arrive to theaters in Japan on January 8, 2021.

In other entertainment news, Studio Khara has announced the release date for Evangelion: 3.0+1.0.

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