Sapporo Premium Beer is paying homage to its roots with a new music program called Sapporo DUOS. The brand’s heritage lies in both Japan and Bavaria, where its first Master Brewer, Seibei Nagawa, learned the art of beer-making in 1876. To celebrate this mashup of Eastern and Western influences, DUOS brings together music artists from Japan and Canada to create a series of unexpected, yet harmonious, collaborations.

DUOS was born from the idea that beer and music have something in common: They both have the ability to bring people together, whether it be across borders, languages or traditions. In this spirit, each of the three pairings worked together from different ends of the globe to create an original track. The result of the cultural collisions is a trio of distinctive songs that blend each of the talent’s signature sounds.

The East meets West collaborators overcame a 12 hour time difference and language barriers for the challenge. DUO one brought together Toronto hip-hip beatmaker, Memorecks with Tokyo J-Pop star punipunidenki, who lent her bossa nova influences to the partnership. The Montreal-based theatrical new wave artist NOVEMBER worked with the creative collective Frasco out of Tokyo as the second DUO. For the final pairing, Synth Rock multi-instrumentalist TOVI from Red Deer collaborated with Grammy-nominated Japanese producer starRo. Altogether, the creative output of these unlikely pairings serves a testament to the power of bridging the gap between different cultures — something Sapporo has been doing since its inception.

You can listen to each of the songs on Spotify. To learn more about Sapporo, head to the brand’s Instagram page.

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