The DetroitLAnd movement is real. After linking up in October for “Homicide,” Shoreline Mafia star OhGeesy and Detroit underground king BandGang Lonnie Bands reconnect for the official music video in support of their Ron-Ron-produced collaboration.

“Lil’ n***a sit down, this big boy shit (big boy shit) / N***a I ain’t no rapper, I’ll split yo’ shit (I’ll split yo’ shit) / Hell we threw ’em on the street stop sendin’ that shit (stop sendin’ that shit),” Lonnie Bands spits. “And the old heads love me ’cause I’m livin’ this shit (cause I’m livin’ this shit) / And y’all last two killas, yeah they both got hit / My last two bitches yeah they both got pimped.”

Put together by Laced Visuals, OhGeesy and BandGang Lonnie’s “Homicide” clip also stars ManMan Savage, GT and other members of the BandGang and Shoreline Mafia crew. Expect much more collaborations from Detroit and West Coast arists in 2019, as a huge collaborative project known as DetroitLAnd is in the works.

You can watch the video for OhGeesy and BandGang Lonnie’s “Homicide” record above.

Last month, Shoreline Mafia’s Master Kato released a solo cut titled “Ride Around.”

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