Premium Bandai is back with another home accessory for Pokémon fans that love power naps. Taking cues from its past Metapod sleeping bag, this new release takes the shape of Gastly’s final form Gengar.

Incorporating one of the Ghost-type Pokémon’s early moves “lick,” the plush doll rolls out its large soft tongue to accommodate an adult as they can rest on the padded pink surface. You can even sleep with your head stuck inside its head, perfect for those that are light-sensitive. Measuring 170 centimeters in length, the plush Gengar itself stands 53 tall and can be used as a backrest while your legs rest on its tongue.

Priced at ¥25,950 JPY (approximately $250 USD), the Gengar Pokémon Tongue Pillow can be found now over at Premium Bandai.

In other Pokémon news, Daniel Arsham unveils PINK CRYSTALIZED CHARIZARD Pokémon card sculpture.

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