R&B has a transportive quality that caters to many moods, always coming through to set the right vibe whether you’re chilling at home or heading on a road trip. More than that, the artists who lead the genre and those who are rising in the ranks have influenced many corners of culture, transcending their musical roots. Many of these names hail from Canada, whose R&B scene is contributing largely to shaping the industry as a whole. As a celebration of this — and to take listeners on a moody journey through the country’s R&B landscape — Spotify has dropped a new playlist titled MOOD RING. The playlist introduces some of Canada’s emerging acts and also includes heavy hitters like Drake, The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR who have solidified the region’s impact on the genre.

Inspired by the musicians and distinct sound coming from Canada, the playlist features artists that have permeated the borderline that once kept this growing scene a secret. Holistically, MOOD RING serves as a crash course in the country’s R&B space with a range of songs from the likes of dvsn, Shay Lia, Savannah Ré, Liza, LOONY and more, while paying homage to the setting that shaped them. “I love how multicultural Canada is. Being here means you’re allowed to embrace your identity and individuality,” explains Shay Lia. “The energy contributes to my process and I feel lucky to be here because of that.” For other artists, the influence of their native city is more direct. “Toronto is like the pretty girl no one noticed before,” says the duo behind dvsn. “That’s what inspired our song ‘Angela.’ Most people don’t know Angela is Toronto.” Savannah Ré, another artist on MOOD RING, associates Canada with self-reflection and says that “A song of mine reminiscent of a good chunk of time is ‘Best Is Yet To Come.’ It draws a lot of inspiration from my life and growing up in Scarborough learning to love myself as I am.”

One of Canada’s most defining qualities is the weather, which includes long winters and seasonal conditions that have inspired sounds, songs and artists coming out of the region. With the breadth of talent coming from this setting, MOOD RING lives up to its name by providing euphoric sounds that take the listener through a range of feelings that mimic the four seasons. Although the dark days of winter can be good for producing music, the playlist has songs like “In Place” by Joël & Amaal to help you shake the winter chill off and emphasize that after winter, spring must follow. Liza’s track “ROLLA” is perfect for taking long Sunday drives or partaking in self care — a ritual she herself embraces, even as her music takes on themes of heartbreak and self-preservation. “I take the necessary time for myself by taking baths, doing yoga, morning meditation, reading, taking long walks, buying myself a bouquet of sunflowers — whatever puts my mind and soul at ease,” she says.

MOOD RING is designed to emphasize each artist’s aura and how it connects to the perspectives, melodies and other sounds they’re adding to the R&B genre. Whether you’re looking for wintery ballads or fresh spring harmonies, check out Spotify’s MOOD RING playlist to find R&B artists who match your daily mood. With new updates to the playlist every week, head to Spotify to listen to MOOD RING now.

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