Glasgow-based artist Abstract Odd Fruits creates surrealist illustrations portraying a madcap cast of characters such as human/animal hybrid critters to personified inanimate objects.

The artist is releasing his first book entitled Everyday Is A Doodle that features new, otherworldly drawings. The through-line in the pieces is his signature tag, a halo with horns, that is observed floating around the characters and chaotic scenes “as a symbol of innate good and evil which is a common theme throughout his work,” as per a statement.

Everyday Is A Doodle was printed in Southern California and consists of 20, saddle-stitched pages. Each copy comes with two die-cut vinyl stickers and an eight by ten inch full-color archival print titled Self Care that is encased in a printed recycled Kraft bag dust jacket.

The book arrives in a limited edition of 250 packs. Head over to @paoprojects on Instagram to learn more.

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